What are myLIMS benefits?

See two comparative charts with the results, before and after myLIMS implementation. In the first graph, observe the reduction in delays with virtually the same team, even under significant increase in the amount of samples. In the second, notice the time reduction on registration and transcription of data and analysis report correction.


Primary benefits

Through the systematization and automation of laboratory processes, myLIMS provides excellent results and return on investment to the lab and the company, ensuring:

  • Average increase of 32% in the efficiency of laboratories with the best use of:
    • Human resources – produce more in the same amount of time and with the same team and infrastructure;
    • Material resources – lower energy and production inputs consumption, as well as greater availability of equipment.
  • Deliver of reliable analysis results in less time, providing:
    • Reduction of rework and non-compliant products at up to 93%;
    • Shorter processing times of production batches and correction of the production process;
    • Increase in product quality, reducing emissions and waste;
    • Agility in enhancement or introduction of new processes and products
  • Full traceability of information from projects, experiments, samples, analyses and raw data;
  • Ease in meeting the standard requirements and best practices such as the ISO/IEC 17025.