ISO/IEC 17025 Standard

LIMS for meeting laboratory standards

Compliance with standard 17025 ensures total traceability of data

In the daily activities of the analytical laboratory, it is necessary to ensure the traceability of the whole sample life cycle and the analyzes performed to guarantee the final quality of the product, to promote the integration with the production and to meet various standards such as 17025 for laboratories. Today, with the help of a Laboratory Software, it is possible to significantly reduce the data extraction time with the guarantee of reliability of the whole process, centralizing all the information in a single system.

In order to comply with Standard 17025 for laboratories and to ensure the traceability of the test, some information must be recorded, such as sample type and methods. After the information is entered in a LIMS software, all the work done can be tracked. It is possible to find easily who has performed a particular method, in which equipment, what calculations were made, time, trend of results, etc.

Laboratory software tailored to your needs will ensure full traceability of the entire analytical chain, as well as providing greater reliability, information security and compliance with Standard 17025 for laboratories.

The LIMS tools have been developed especially for testing laboratories, whether they are industry labs or service providers, with the objective of flexibly assisting analysts, industrial or quality managers or the laboratory and IT and TA professionals, in addition to complying with the requirements of Standard 17025 for the laboratory.