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Laboratory optimization

In less than 2 minutes, know how the
automatization of your laboratory increases the
productivity, the quality and even reduce costs.


Contract Labs


Quality Control

Labsoft won award

Successful entrepreneur 2016
Category: High impact business - Services.

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Why myLIMS?

Because it allows an increase in productivity and a
reduction of the costs, while guaranteeing compliance
with the standard requirements, like ISO 17025.

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Who uses myLIMS?

myLIMS has been the choice of hundreds
of industrial and contract labs in QC and R&D
of different sizes and areas of expertise.

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Cloud + Subscription

myLIMS is provided by a predictable monthly
subscription, enabling the optimization of laboratory
processes in a simple, quick and economic way.

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myLIMS throughout the Americas

Through the success of the deployments done
in Brazil, myLIMS has been adopted throughout
the American continent.

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These are some of the companies that use myLIMS.

Why my LIMS?

Increased productivity

Reduction in the results delivery time with the same team and infrastructure.

Reduced cost

Model provided by subscription in the cloud costs less than the traditional software model.

Quality assurance

Compliance with ISO 17025, leaving the stress and rush in auditorship in the past.

What is myLIMS?

myLIMS is a subscription platform with features to optimize contract, quality control, environmental and R&D laboratories that enhances operational efficiency of the lab and other areas of the company through the delivery of reliable results in shorter time and cost.

Much more than a LIMS

With myLIMS, besides optimizing your laboratory and analytical processes, you can also manage and automate non-analytical processes, such as business and quality management.

Click on the image at right to see in details the workflow provided by myLIMS.


Cloud + Subscription

myLIMS is available by subscription on our cloud or on your own infrastructure. This model allows quick return on investment, often paying itself with the efficiency and savings originated from the first months of use.




myLIMS offers a platform of integrated and optimized features for laboratories.

LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System
LES – Laboratory Execution System
ELN – Electronic Laboratory Notebook
ECM – Electronic Content Management
WfMS – Workflow Management System
CRM – Customer Relationship Management


Flexibility for companies of all sizes

myLIMS enables the optimization from a small laboratory to a large network, with units spread around the world in several languages. In addition, its flexibility ensures adherence to most laboratory processes in various areas, without the need and the risk of expensive and time-consuming software development.

Multiples success cases

Nothing better than dozens of successful deployments near to be visited to help in choosing the right software for laboratory automation and management. On our website, we provide information about our software, its benefits, features and of course, multiples success cases!


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